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Houghton Regis Academy


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Read our Uniform Policy here

The Academy has strict guidelines on uniform which apply to all years. Pupils are expected to wear the Academy uniform when travelling to and from the Academy, at all Academy functions and on visits by parties or sports teams.

Jewellery is not allowed, except for one pair of small, plain, gold-coloured ear studs. Ear-rings, rings, nose studs or other facial jewellery, nail varnish and make up are not allowed.

Electrical items, such as mobile phones or iPods are also not allowed in the Academy at any time. If you are found with a mobile phone it will be confiscated for five days. If a mobile phone is needed for safety reasons to and from the Academy, it may be left at the Academy office.

Shoes must be black, sensible ones for Academy use, flat soled or with very lowheels no more than two centimetres high. No boots or trainers are allowed. 

School trousers and skirts must be modest enough to be worn on the Academy site and have a high enough waistband to ensure shirts can be properly tucked in. Wide belts are not allowed.  Skirts are to be no shorter than knee length and trousers must not be tight fitting or ‘skinny’ fit.  Shirts and blouses must be buttoned and neatly tucked in; ties must be correctly tied.

Excessive hair styles are strongly discouraged and all pupils with long hair must have it tied back whilst on the Academy site. ‘Cuts’ of any shape or design are not allowed, nor are multiple hair colours.


  • Plain white school shirt (not polo shirts)
  • Black trousers or skirt (jeans, cords and ‘hipster’ trousers are not allowed)
  • Academy tie
  • Academy V-necked pullover, in purple, with the Academy logo
  • Black or grey socks with trousers, white socks or neutral or black tights with skirts
  • Sensible black shoes – not boots or trainers

PE Kit

  • Black tracksuit bottoms with grey stripe.
  • Black short-sleeved sports polo shirt with purple panels and Academy logo.
  • Black long-sleeved reversible sports shirt with purple panels and Academy logo.
  • Suitable trainers or other PE footwear.

All pupils should have a warm coat for the journey to and from the Academy and between classroom blocks. Denim coats, hoodies, body-warmer style coats and caps are not allowed.

Parents are strongly advised to supervise the purchase of all clothing to be worn on the Academy site. The Principal’s decision about uniform issues is binding and final.