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Houghton Regis Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my child is ill at school?

If a student needs to visit the medical room during lesson time, a teacher will give permission to go to the medical room. The decision as to whether a student should be sent home will be made by the school first aider, who will contact the relevant parent/carer to advise them of the situation.

No communication should be made between a student and their parent/carer at any time during the school day. In addition, parents/carers should not collect an unwell student without speaking to the staff in reception.

What if my child needs to take medicine during the day?

The rules around medicines in schools are very strict.  Should a student require medication during school hours we require a consent form to be completed.  This can be obtained from the main reception.  This must be signed by a parent/carer.

How does my child pay for food at school?

All items are paid for at the time of purchase or a student can prepay in reception unless you are free school meals. Money should be kept in a purse or wallet inside your child’s school bag.

What do I do if my child is being bullied?

Email: or speak to your child's form tutor

Where can I buy uniform from?

Either from reception, or from the Price and Buckland website.