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Houghton Regis Academy


The curriculum (Draft) 

The aims of our curriculum are set out to support all students to become; 

• Successful high achieving individuals who will display a range of effective learning attributes which ensures they are equipped for the next stage of their education. 

  • Confident and happy individuals who are able to make the correct choices and live safe and healthy lives. 

  • Responsible citizens who will make a positive contribution to society including our local community and wider world. 

  In order to achieve our aims, we offer all students a broad and balanced curriculum which consists of the core subjects of English, Maths and Science. In addition to this all students follow Technology (Food, Resistant Materials and ICT), Humanities (History and Geography), Languages, Performing Arts (Music and Drama), PE, Religious Studies and PSHE. We are in a unique position which allows our students in Year 9 to have the opportunity to access world class facilities at the neighbouring ACB to engage in Mechanics, Construction, Catering and Hair and Beauty. These subjects are designed to give students a knowledge rich experience and lay the foundations for understanding which is required to be able to access the demands of GCSE and vocational courses at Key Stage Four.  

To supplement our academic curriculum, we offer all students enrichment opportunities in the arts and sports and cultural experiences to broaden their horizons. We enhance our curriculum by providing a variety of career education and guidance events from Year 7 onwards to help students make informed decisions about their future. We believe in the basics of strong numeracy and literacy skills and promote a love of reading for pleasure and as a means to access and be successful in all areas of academy and adult life. We have placed additional emphasis on Physical Education and Personal, Social and Health Education after our wider re-opening from COVID. This ensures all students are supported to maintain good mental health, well-being and develop healthy lifestyles. 

 Our curriculum is planned to increase knowledge through a spiral approach and develop learner attributes such as organisation, resilience and independence, key skills that students will require in preparation for Key Stage Four and an ever-changing world. Above all else, our curriculum reinforces the expectations that every single student follows our shared rules of Respect, Responsibility and Safety. 

 We set our students into ability groups when they arrive from Primary School using data from KS2 SATS, CAT 4 and results from NGRT. We believe this is the most effective way to ensure stretch and challenge for more able students and to provide targeted support for less able learners. Any student who is in danger of falling behind receives intensive support to ensure they make good progress. 

Our approach to teaching and learning supports our curriculum by ensuring that lessons build on prior learning and provide sufficient opportunities for guided and independent practice. This is supported by our approach to a four-part lesson structure which focuses on retrieval, instruction, practice and review. Formative and summative assessment are used pragmatically within lessons and across the term to check learning and to provide students with accurate feedback and opportunities to improve knowledge and understanding. High quality homework supports us to reinforce and consolidate classroom learning. 


The aims and content of each subject curriculum can be found in the subject information tab to the right of the screen.

Our Curriculum Model

Key Stage Three (Year 7-9)

Our school timetable is split into 25, hour long lessons taught weekly. Our lesson allocation is outlined below.


Year 7 

Year 8  

Year 9 






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Performing Arts 



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Total lessons  




A small number of students follow a slightly modified curriculum designed to provide them with key skills and additional support in areas such literacy, numeracy and social development.

Details of our curriculum content can be found to the right-hand side under subject information. Each subject identifies the key knowledge to be taught and the sequence in which it is delivered.