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Houghton Regis Academy


Parents and carers will have lots of questions ahead of the start of the new academic year in a new school especially with the current situation of schools being closed.

One of the first questions parents always have is about Bullying.

Bullying is always an issue that parents and students are rightly concerned about.

We do not tolerate bullying at HRA

What we must all do is to encourage our young people to report any issues of bullying so that they can be dealt with. We will need your help and support in doing this.

We must make it clear to all of our students that they should not have to tolerate bullying and that they must talk to us if they are unhappy about anything they have seen or heard.

If you or your child are worried about bullying, please contact the HRA staff mentioned below or email us.


Speak to Mrs. Harrison 

Speak to My Form Tutor 

Speak to My Head of Keystage

At HRA we have student Anti-Bullying Ambassadors who have been specially trained to deal with bullying.