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Houghton Regis Academy

Performing Arts Steps Up

Fame in an incredibly challenging show for any school to perform, filled with more songs and dances than most, however, as we are sure you will agree our young students have stepped up!

The head of Performing Arts, Miss Samantha Bowen would like to thank everyone who attended, assisted and supported the two nights of Fame. The cast had been working hard since September to put on a great performance for everyone to enjoy. This is our third consecutive school performance and we look forward to working on our next one!

"Fame was a really enjoyable, show that captured the true nature of the 80's. Great job to the cast and Miss Bowen". Tim Borodziulia

"Being in 'Fame' was an amazing experience. It was a lot of hard work but was definitely worth it in the end. It took a lot of commitment but it also gave me a break from GCSE's and it gave me something to do in my spare time. Being in 'Fame' has given me more friends and confidence". Natalie Martin

"I worked backstage for our school performance of 'Fame' as a stagehand. I  helped move the scenery and props for each scene as instructed on the set list. This is the first play that I have assisted with, and have enjoyed mostly making new friendships and was able to watch the performance first hand.

The musical is about a group of students at the Philadelphia School of Arts and their time there". Ben Hodson